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Where to eat? That’s the question. It’s a question that’s even more complicated when you’re trying to satisfy the tastes of a group. Review sites like Yelp or Google are no help. They’re weighted down by competing interests, evil business models and a need to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

That’s where PlateRate comes in. PlateRate is a review platform dedicated to food. In this episode of The Foodcast, we learn about how PlateRate works and why you should be using it.

00:17 Introduction

00:58 Rant – Yelp!

05:54 Interview – Garrett Lang – PlateRate

23:28 PlateRate Trial

  • Foodcast Episode 0007 – Biscuits

Karma Sense Cover

29:52 Wrap Up

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PlateRate Screen Shots

The Registration Screen
The Registration Confirmation Screen
The Confirmation Email – Suitable for Framing
You’re Prompted to Change Your Password
You Then Enter Your Profile
You Can Get Pretty Anal About Setting Your Dietary Preferences
Blank Menu Item Search Screen
Results When I Search “noodles” in “Chelsea, NY”
The Food Preference Screen When I Select Vegan Noodles with Mock Duck
Results When I Search for “biscuits” in “Del Ray, VA.”


Since My Favorite Biscuit Restaurant isn’t Listed, I Search For It.
I Add a Review About Junction
I Also Add a Menu Item Review for Junction’s Country Biscuit
Now When I Search, Junction’s Country Biscuit Appears at the Top of the Search