The “Not A Throwaway” Episode of The Foodcast Is Now Live

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Stop eating beef, pork and chicken and our environmental problems will be solved. At least that’s what films like Cowspiracy want you to believe. Make no mistake about it, farm animals have a huge environmental footprint. But, in fact, when you consider everything we eat and the way we eat it, meat and other animal products barely scratch the surface.

In this episode of The Foodcast, we look at the big picture and explore how the entire farm-to-table lifecycle effects our planet. Maybe the farm isn’t the best place to start. Then, I speak to three entrepreneurs who are focusing on a different and very sensible place and they’re doing so in an innovative way. All this and the usual shenanigans right here on The Foodcast.

00:17     Introduction

02:00     Rant

  • Cowspiracy
  • NRDC Analysis of Agriculture’s Contribution to Greenhouse Gasses

09:28     Interview with Elspeth Collard, Bridget Williams and Leila Rasmussen

31:23     RTC Initiative Beta Test

38:37     Wrap Up


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