The “GRAS, Weed, Herb and Grass” Episode of The Foodcast is Now Live

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What do an obscure but insidious FDA rule, marijuana, mint, wheat and the wisdom of Carl Spackler have in common? Probably nothing. But they are all interesting and entertainingly related to health and wellness. In this episode of The Karma Sense Foodcast, we explore a loophole in FDA regulations that allows food manufacturers to slip anything they want into our food system, the health benefits of marijuana, the value of incorporating mint into your diet and what in the actual fudge is wheat grass.

00:15 Introduction

01:09 Generally Recognized as Safe?

15:30 How Medical is Marijuana

21:46 Mint

  • Episode 0033 – WTF, Rolling Rock – Salt
  • Episode 0015 – Celebrity Dear Davey H – Turmeric
  • Mix greek yogurt, chopped mint leaves, juice of lemon or lime, honey (optional) and chopped garlic (optional) to taste for a grilled meat dipping sauce.
  • Mix two parts lime juice, to one part each of fish sauce, toasted sesame oil, honey, hot pepper sauce to taste and a couple handfuls of chopped mint for a Thai-style marinade or salad dressing.
  • Study examining the use of mint to soothe soreness from breastfeeding

28:59 Wheat Grass

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