The Food As Medicine Episode Of The Karma Sense Foodcast Is Now Live

In this episode, the Foodcast explores what we know about the bacteria in our gut and how to get the most for your money if you’re looking to take care of those little guys. Also, I talk to Patient Zero. A guy who turned his health around after a scary visit to the emergency room. He made one change to his diet and it reaped huge benefits. And then, Patient Zero and I play a game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” as we go on a fermented food scavenger hunt. Best of all, I find a way to weave in The Flintstones, Back To The Future and Seinfeld.

Time Section Notes
00:21 Introduction Here is a link to the excerpt I read from General Jacob Cox’s Military Reminiscences of the Civil War.
02:15 Rant – Probiotics and The Microbiome Are Hot. How Do You Take Advantage of What We Know Without Being Taken For a Ride? Here is the advice I give in my rant. Save your money and Eat fermented foods, prebiotic foods and whole foods.

Fermented foods repopulate your gut with the good guys. They include General Cox’s beloved sauerkraut, kim chi and other fermented vegetables, miso soup, yogurt, soft cheeses, kefir and sourdough bread.

Watch out for crap ingredients that may be tossed into any of these products. If the label says it’s pasteurized, then the bacteria is dead and useless. Vinegar in the ingredient list is also a sign that the bacteria is no longer there. The acid in vinegar isn’t kind to them.

Prebiotic foods keep the healthy buggers in your intestines in top shape. They include sunchokes. dandelion greens. garlic. leeks, onion. bananas, barley, oats and asparagus.

In the case of prebiotic vegetables, eat them in both their cooked and raw form if you can so your gut gets some variety.

Finally, there are those reliable whole foods. Those are the foods from your store or a garden that don’t have ingredient labels. You know what they are.

If you have a doctor who tells you to do more for your gut, such as taking a probiotic supplement. Ask questions. Keep an eye out for affiliate marketing schemes, Many doctor’s offices make extra money by pushing the doctor’s version of Amway products onto their patients. They may be legitimate but many of these products are low quality or overpriced.

Third follow their advice if you’re satisfied but hold your doctor accountable by continuing to ask questions about their value.

07:24 Interview – Patient Zero
  • Tim/Barney talked about Fathead Pizza. Here’s a link to the recipe. Tim likes to replace the cream cheese with soft goat cheese.
  • In the interview, we discussed this study that showed that when people see virtuous words on food labels, such as “heart healthy,” they tend to eat more.
32:11 Less-Than-Wacky-Stunt – Fermented Food Scavenger Hunt Here are links to the suppliers of fermented foods we found.

Behind the scenes photos of the Fermented Food Scavenger Hunt

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